Property drainage

Efficient sewage disposal is the basis for the protection of waters and health.

The term‚ property drainage’ is the collection and channelling of wastewater and rainwater from floor gullies and downpipes of a building.

More than 99 % of all properties in Kaiserslautern are connected to the municipal sewage system. In principle every owner has the right and even the duty to connect his property to the municipal sewage system.

Storm water is excluded from this regulation. Thus, owners are free to either bring the rainwater into the municipal sewage system or to use it otherwise. On the contrary there is no obligation for Stadtentwässerung Kaiserslautern to take over storm water from non-public properties.

The above regulations refer to amounts of storm water that can be used without affecting public interests at a reasonable economic cost, thus remaining exempt from the duty of sewage removal.

Property drainage is carried out state-of-the-art. Applicable laws must be strictly adhered to.