Tasks and served area

The average inflow of the sewage treatment plant of Kaiserslautern is approx. 600 l per second under dry weather conditions.

Depending on weather conditions, such inflow is supplemented by storm water. Just like the sewage, the water coming from roofs, roads and other sealed areas flows into the sewers of Stadtentwässerung Kaiserslautern and enters its treatment cycle.

The collected sewage water is thoroughly cleaned and brought into the natural water cycle at a given time.

The catchment area of the Kaiserlautern sewage plant is currently approx. 3,500 ha. The wastewater of all surrounding districts and communities is carried to Kaiserslautern through our own rainwater treatment facilities and pumping stations.

The collected wastewater quantity is extremely high. The annual amount is currently 21.0 m cbm, 7.4 m cbm deriving from private households of the 100.000 inhabitants of Kaiserslautern. The surrounding US properties account for another 4.3 m cbm sewage. The rest is obtained from industry and commercial customers.

Our tasks:

  • Collection and discharge of private and industrial sewage through the sewage system to the connected sewage treatment plant
  • Collection and treatment of accumulating rainwater
  • Excremental removal from septic tanks
  • Wastewater purification in the sewage treatment plant
  • Recycling of purified water
  • Disposal and/or utilization of residues from wastewater treatment (e.g. screenings, grit, sewage sludge)
  • Extension, maintenance and repair of sewage and the sewage treatment plant
  • Monitoring of the sewage plant as well as industrial and trade dischargers